Junior Program

We are excited to introduce The Picklr’s Junior Program, the perfect after-school pickleball program for kids. Our program provides youth with the opportunity to learn all aspects of pickleball and experience the joy of playing in a supervised and exciting environment.

By joining our Junior Program, kids will have access to membership benefits, including youth leagues, open plays, and tournaments. We believe in helping kids foster a passion for pickleball and develop their skills in the game. Our experienced instructors and staff provide personalized instruction, training, and feedback that will help kids perform at their best.

The Picklr’s Junior Program is designed to bring the fun of pickleball to kids of all ages and abilities. We believe in providing a safe and friendly atmosphere, allowing kids to make friends, develop their team-building, and hone their pickleball skills.

Come join The Picklr’s Junior Program and get your kids excited about pickleball!

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